SOL Sport Utility Blanket


Use as Blanket, Shelter, Ground Cover, Load Carry

Some emergency shelters are just that – meant to be used once or twice when needed and then never again. The Survive Outdoors Longer® Sport Utility Blanket™ is a different type of shelter – one that can be used as an emergency blanket one day and then as a picnic blanket the next. Use it to haul heavy loads, as a ground tarp underneath a tent, rigged as a shelter, or to cover your gear in foul weather – the Sport Utility Blanket™ will be up to the task. Even with many times the strength of similar multi-use blankets and tarps, plus a scorching 95% heat reflectivity rating, the Sport Utility Blanket™ still weighs in at a feathery 11.3 oz. 6 grommets. Measures 5′ x 7′

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